Apple Digital Masters (Formerly Mastered for iTunes: MFiT) 

With iTunes being at the forefront of music delivery worldwide, it was inevitable that Apple would create a new and improved version of their original AAC audio file. This updated format (256kbps AAC) and the Mastered for iTunes program now enables iTunes to accept high-resolution masters (24bit/44.1kHz and upward) from a few select facilities that have accredited iTunes mastering Engineers.

As one of the Engineers on Apple's "Apple Digital Masters" (MFiT) approved provider list, Paul can audition your mastered audio files while using Apple’s own proprietary software. This allows him to hear exactly how your music will sound as an iTunes AAC file. After which he can make any necessary adjustments to conform to Apple's technical specifications and ensure that your music sounds its absolute best once it hits the iTunes music store.

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Alternatively, do you have masters from somewhere else that you'd like to have retroactively MFiT-ed before submitting to iTunes? Paul can help.